The Mythical Family Vacation

Yes, I did say Mythical Family Vacation and here is why.

Fourteen years of marriage and three kids later we still have never been on a family vacation. Now we have talked about, day dreamed, planned and even have saved up the money to go on one….BUT STILL NO FAMILY VACATION! There has always been something that stood in the way.

Now for our family this is the first summer in four years of summers that we haven’t been moving to either a new house or state. Since we have stayed put for a year we figured this would be the summer we finally would be able to achieve that mythical family vacation we have dreamed about.

Nope, wrong, nada, ain’t going to happen…

Once again we planned, we saved but life decided to throw some wrenches into our plans.

First: Hubs got a new job. Which is a good wrench. It’s within the same company he is in now, just a different position. But now he is busy with training and travel.

Second: G has to have surgery this month.

Third: G’s football season starts up here in a few weeks with practice three times a week and games on Saturday.

Fourth: Lets jump back up to the first one. Due to the new job my husband has to take the last week of his vacation sometime this month due to him being away later in the month and early August.

So lets think here…..With everything going on when are we suppose to take that week and go away as a family? We can’t. We looked and looked at the schedule and there is just no way we can do it.

So instead we have to try for some day trips. However I know how my husband’s mind works and honestly I don’t think those day trips will happen.

So to all of you out there that actually make the family vacation happen consider yourself lucky and cherish every moment of it.

3 thoughts on “The Mythical Family Vacation

  1. We’re wicked busy with kids stuff, too, so I get how hard it is to plan vacations. We do Disney World every year and I pull the kids from school & activities for the week. Screw it – I want just one week away a year. That’s not asking much, right?

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