A Little Bit About Our Texas Life

My whole life I searched for a home. Not four walls and a roof over our heads to protect us but a home.


A place to laugh, a place to cry, a place to share, a place to truly live.

On a street in a subdivision much like many other subdivisions that home was found.

Four Walls that had been used and abused by previous owners. Four Walls that were in need of love.

In need of a family to make those four walls a home.

Within these four wall on this street like most other streets we found our home.

We turned the four walls into a space filled with laughter, sharing, tears, togetherness.

We turned it into a real home.

Due to issues I have had with previous people this site will not hold pictures of myself or my family and friends.

From this moment on people will be given nicknames.

This site will be a journey for me and for you. It will be our journey through the craziness that is our crazy life here in the

place that we call home.

Here in the wonderful state of Texas.



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