Thanksgiving Eve

Here in a while it will be another Thanksgiving.  Over on Facebook people have been doing daily “what I’m thankful for” post.
I’m not into all those things. I mean I have things to be thankful for but I tend to just keep it to myself.
However tonight as I lay here I started thinking about all that I am thankful for. There’s a lot. I won’t list them all because who has the time for all that. I mean we all have got big meals to prepare.
Here are a few that keep popping into my mind the most.
1. My Godson.  This little boy has really help heal parts of my heart and mind. I get so down due to my health but within a few minutes of being with this sweet precious boy I feel so much better. This child means the world to me. I am very thankful to his Godmother. Dear Little Boy Ya-Ya loves you so much.
2. My team of doctors. It took a bit but I now have a really great team of docs that keep me moving forward.  This is something I am very thankful for. If I was still out in California I’m pretty sure I would be dead. My doctors are amazing and I’m so thankful.
3. I am also very thankful for someone that I’m not going to go into details about here. But I’m still so beyond thankful.  This person is not afraid to yell at me when I need to be yellet out.  (They yelled at me just last night and I needed it) They have stuck by my side and I love them very much.

So many more things I could say but tonight those are the three that are on my mind the most.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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