Mary Poppins and the Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve been laying here tonight unable to sleep (yes again) and I started thinking about Disney characters that would survive a zombie apocalypse.
Maybe its the lack of sleep or pain my body has been in so much lately that causes me to wonder about these things at 2am.
No matter what causes my mind to go down these paths there is no denying that Mary Poppins would for sure survive the zombie outbreak.
Just think about it for a moment.  Mary Poppins is an amazing woman with life skills that would make it pretty near impossible for a zombie to take a bite.
First off there’s that black bag of hers. This bag itself seems to have everything but the kitchen sink in it. Though if she really felt the need I’m pretty sure you would find that kitchen sink in there. In that bag she could carry the tools needed to survive.
But lets face it she probably could just start singing and cause those zombies to fall in love with her and do whatever she wanted. Heck she got those kids to clean their rooms she could get the zombies to go vegen.
Number Two: The woman can take an umbrella and fly! Fly!  Last time I checked the undead do not have the capability to do such a task.
Number Three: She can jump into chalk paintings.  Now she couldn’t rely on this one for escape because she needs to find a chalk painting to jump into and those aren’t exactly common to find in the zombie apocalypse.
Number Four: This may be the best reason she would not only survive but in the end rule the world. She’s the Queen of making potions. She got those kids to take their medicine,  clean their room and respect their Father. She can whip up a potion that would stop the zombie outbreak.
Yes, you Mary Poppins are the one who would not only survive but could do so while singing a song that would make the zombie apocalypse just a heck of a lot of fun.


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