Run For Your Life-Austin

There is a certain excitement in the air when you get to October. No I’m not talking the start of the New Season of The Walking Dead. No that is not what I’m talking about at all.

At lease not for me that is.

You see although I do watch The Walking Dead I’m not a HUGE fan of the show. In my mind that show brought a bunch Johnny come lately’s to the Zombie Genre. I at times (okay a lot of times) have issues with those people. They don’t know the first rule and I mean real rule of Zombies. They know what they see on that show. They haven’t studied Zombies. Where the myth came from, what people of the past in different cultures did to prevent the dead from coming back to life. These people annoy me that they don’t know anything but that they like a show.

I’m a purest when it comes to the Zombie Genre.
I remember being six years old, sneaking out into the front room at midnight and watching Night of the Living Dead on our little 12 inch black and white television. From that movie on I was hooked.

“Their coming for you Barbara”

For me I look at the calendar and see that it’s October I say “ITS ALMOST HERE!!!! AUSTIN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!”

Yes, even though it’s until December I start planning in October. This December will be my 3rd Run For Your Life Event. I can not wait. Something else I’m really excited about is how RFYL is also coming to El Paso. Which MEANS…I will be making that drive to volunteer at that one Just like I go to Dallas to volunteer for that race.

Yes, my dears Run For Your Life is coming to Central Texas very very soon. Are you ready?!?! Come join me and the other undead for a blood filled day.


One thought on “Run For Your Life-Austin

  1. I like The Walking Dead too. We just finished season 3 on Netflix and have to wait til season 4 is done on tv so we can watch it on Netflix. I don’t have cable, or satellite….. Anywho, I never really gave much thought about the history or legend behind zombies. I know there is Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead_ in Mexico, and even in the Philippines, but I don’t know how hollywood zombies came about. I’ve never seen Night of the Living Dead. Maybe I should. Also, you’ve got me all curious now. I might just have to google more info on zombies later…. šŸ˜‰

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