Kodak Moments

Who else out there misses the days of taking in your film and getting an actual packet of photos back? Oh how I miss putting together photo albums. Every photo you went through was like walking down memory lane.

I miss it.

Well lets say I MISSED IT. I don’t miss it anymore.

Enter the great photo app search of 2013. I needed to find an app that would be good for getting my photos from my cell to their service without making my photos look awful. Currently I have over two thousand photos on my cell. That’s a lot of photos that need to be free. They need to be in albums so the memories can live on.

The two apps that I came to try was Kodak Moments and Shutterfly. Now since I’ve always been pro Kodak I decided to try them first.

What I like about their app is you select the photos you wish to upload to their app, go through them, pick your sizes and then you select the store to have them sent to for pick up. Now also you can make albums for an insanely high price or greeting cards. Though their greeting card selection is not very good at all.

In the end I ordered one hundred photos from my cell and had them sent to my local Target. In less then a hour I was getting a text saying that my photos were ready.

I paid $15.00 for 100 photos. Other then that I really didn’t have a lot of “Oh my I love this app” feelings. It was a “Oh okay lets move on to Shutterfly.”

I’m really hoping Shutterfly is a lot better then Kodak Memories was. Really hoping.

Does anyone else out there have any good photo apps I should attempt to try???



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