So You Want To Be A Zombie

So you say you want to be a zombie? Are you already living a low carb life style? Lets face it life as a zombie is pretty low carb. So I would totally recommend getting on the Atkins band wagon and learn to love eating meat. Although I do recommend you cooking it and not ripping into that piece of steak raw. Call me crazy but it just don’t seem like an awesome idea.

I’ve also got another thought for you about getting ready to live that zombie life style. Oh this one is awesome.

Wait wait I know you’re probably thinking “What? Run? No Thank you.” Hear me out because you see this isn’t your normal 5K. This is a Zombie infested 5K.

You said you wanted to be a zombie right? Well here you go. With this race you could be a zombie! YES A ZOMBIE!!!! Personally I have been a zombie one time with the race and it was AWESOME!!! They bring in make up artist and you better believe when you leave the transformation station you look like the undead.

Once out you go to another station where you get fake blood thrown on you. Now I will warn you this blood can be a little chilly if it’s December like when I became a Zombie. But trust me it’s worth it.

The great thing about being a Zombie in the race is there is no pesky eating of human flesh to worry about. Instead as the human bait run by you, you reach for their flags. Personally I have my “kills” hanging in our Zombie hallway of our house. I’m pretty proud of those flags I took off of the human bait as they tried to run by me.

Don’t you want to be proud of your own kills? You know you do. Come on what are you waiting for head over to: and find your closest race. I’ve been a part of two and fixing in December to be three. It’s an exciting experience you won’t regret. So head on over. That is if you’re brave enough to be one of the undead.


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