It Ain’t Your Mom’s VBS….It’s Mega Sports Camp!

I guess really I should say it’s not my VBS since now I am the Mom and this isn’t the VBS I grew up with. IT’S WAY BETTER!

Growing up VBS wasn’t all that grand. It was basically just Sunday School with crafts and snacks. Then a I got older being the Pastor’s Daughter I was given VBS task. Now I was allowed to help with a class one time. Just once because I got a little to contemporary for that world and was sent to the kitchen to cut apples

When we started attending the Church we do now and they started talking about this thing called Mega Sports Camp I was confused. I mean what were they talking about doing this VBS thing in a way were kids would actually have fun and learn about the WORD without being beat over the head??? Crazy talk right??? NOOOOO!!!! Awesome talk. Wait no I’m just going to say it…Awesomesauce talk. Ya I said awesomesauce.
 photo dc053967-c94f-40e5-9984-00471ed53aab_zpsd6b32cd3.jpg
I go to the right Church because they say my favorite word: Awesome.

My children have been to VBS at my Father’s Church and they have been to Mega Sports Camp twice. You ask all three of them and they will tell you “We LOVE our Church and Mega Sports Camps.”

I feel sad for the way things are in the religion I was raised in. To this day nothing has changed and they wonder why they are loosing their young people to the world. When the day came and I finally broke free I was called the anti christ by some because when I left others found their courage and left as well. I still have people email me from time to time saying how they wished they had the courage to leave but they can’t and how they wished they could find what I have found at The Connection Church.

I was in my late 20s before I finally found the courage to leave.


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