The Place I Live

The other day I spoke of a place of pain. The place that I am from and that I hate. Today I speak about the place I live. The place I call home. The place my children call their home town.

We live in a small town that is growing fast. They say it’s one of the fastest growing towns in Texas. Which honestly makes me a little sad. I enjoy that right now we aren’t a big place. We live twenty minutes from the city and so we don’t have to go far if we need something our little town don’t have. Though honestly I’m not a fan of Austin. It’s to big and congested for me. I don’t venture past Sam’s Club unless I have to do so.

Here in our little town we support local business’s and shop at HEB. (It’s our only grocery store) We go to the river and spend all day laughing, playing and enjoying company of family and friends.

On Saturdays we go out and support our children as they play their sports. We watch them grow from season to season and wonder where the time has gone.

On Sundays we attend our Churches and are thankful that we have found the places that we have to come together with other Christians and serve the Lord according to the scriptures. (Ya sometimes my Preacher Father still comes out in me)

In our home my husband goes to work and I stay home with the children. There has been times over the years were I have had other ask what I do and when I say I’m a house wife I have gotten looks and even a couple “You need to get out of the 50s wife mind set” comments. Which trust me I am so not a 50s type of wife.

My children enjoy their town, their friends, their family, their life. They say they can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. Growing up I never felt that way. It makes me happy to hear my children say these things about our little town. About their Home Town.



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