The Town I’m From

I was raised in a small town that I hate. A town that I couldn’t wait to get out of. Even to this day when I think of that little place my skin crawls, my heart races, my stomach gets ill and I just want to run and hide. Down every street a bad memory. Around every corner a ghost waiting to jump out at me. It is a town where nightmares still await me. In  Ghostbusters 2 when they travel beneath the city and find all the red slime it always reminds me of the town I’m from. I swear that slime flows like lava under that place.

I dread the thought of visiting there. It’s been two years since I’ve been back “home.” I say “home” because it never felt like one to me. I know my time is running out though and soon I will need to make a trip back there. So many other things I would rather do then go there. But I know I will need to. My Grandfather is sick and won’t be here much longer. I would like to see him one more time before he leaves this world. I do miss my Gramma. Laughing and talking. Knowing that it doesn’t matter what I say to her she keeps all secrets.

In order to see them I must got this place. I must drive down those roads, those streets that hold so much pain for me.

I know I can only run so long before I must go and face those demons.


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