The Saga Continues

Last week I posted about my washer and all problems we have had with it. Well less then two hours after posting the loaner washer we had gotten from Lowes BROKE! It will fill with water but that is all.
I am starting to think that I have the worse luck known to man where washers are concerned. Well at lease these newer machines.

This morning the repair guy made the hour long drive (thanks to traffic) down to our house. As I opened the door he gave me a sad and looked and said “I am sorry it’s broke again.” I just gave him a smile, offered him a cup of coffee and said “I’m not upset with you. I know it’s not your fault.”

Sure enough when he tested for service errors several new ones popped up. Which he said that he had just put a brand new board in last time he was there so those weren’t old error messages stored up. THEY WERE BRAND NEW!

The only parts left to replace is the motor and transmission. Which he said he was going to call in but he’s hoping that once the warranty people hear that they will replace it. By the time those two parts come in, add in service labor they are better off replacing the machine. Which is what everyone else has been telling those Maytag Warranty People.


So now here I am with a broken loaner machine in my laundry room, a broken machine sitting in the middle of my kitchen and laundry piling up.




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