To Love Honor and Fold Laundry

A little while back my husband and I celebrated our fourteen year wedding anniversary. As I look back on the past fourteen years I see a lot of tears, anger, a separation, reconciliation,  laughter, and laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

We are a family of five and the laundry often feels like it is never ending. In fourteen years of marriage I’ve done so many loads of laundry that if I had a dollar for every load washed we would be rich. Then I could hire someone to do our laundry. Oh would that be nice.

HOWEVER…There’s another kind of dirty laundry as well. The kind that we keep buried deep within our heart. The kind that we hope and pray never come out. This dirty laundry you can’t throw in the washing machine and get sparkling clean within a hour. No, this dirty laundry takes a lot of time, prayers, talking, and ironing before it gets clean.

During my husbands and mine separation it was a time to get that dirty laundry out in the open. The pile of dirty laundry was so high that stood between him and I that I just didn’t want to deal with it. I wanted to walk away. I was hurt and done with this man.

He felt different. He saw the dirty laundry and wanted to work on it. He wanted his wife and children back.

Dirty laundry is an ugly thing. Much like those stubborn stains I find on my children clothes dirty laundry won’t go away unless you work on it together. Talking is key. Which is hard for me because I do not like to talk. I like to keep it all in until finally I explode.

So much has happened in fourteen years. I am thankful that during these years even when I have turned my back on God and let my dirty laundry pile high HE never turned his back on me.



10 thoughts on “To Love Honor and Fold Laundry

  1. What a wonderful analog….There is certainly a lot of laundry in a marriage.

    So glad you worked through the pile

    here via Fellowship Fridays

    • Thank you. I’ve had the idea floating around for a while in this old brain of mine. Just didn’t have it in me to get the thoughts out until recently. I plan on really digging deep within for this new blog.

  2. Love this. You are so right. We all have dirty laundry that we need to work on and hopefully we are with the right people who want to help us through it.

    • That’s the key having people that will help us and understand. For so long I have felt all alone. Which you’ll be proud of me I’m going to be writing about those feelings now in this blog. Really going to tear off that band aide. 😉

  3. Wonderful post. A great reminder that we need to work on our own dirty laundry, and that the one person on Earth we should not hide our dirty laundry from is our spouse. Thanks for this post!

    • Thank you. For me its always been hard opening up. I tend to run and hide from myself more less anyone else. But through this new blog I’m going to try to do just that. With my previous blog I did to much hiding. In a way it’s a good thing I had the stalker issue with my old blog because it forced me to really step up and change some things that needed to be changed.

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