The Thing About Lemons

Now if you opened this expecting to find a post about actual lemons I’m afraid you are out of luck. This is actually about the lemon sitting in my laundry room. My Maytag Washer. Yes, Maytag. I had a whole other post planned for today but like everything else…Nothing is ever set in stone when you are planning your weekly post. When we bought our house almost a year ago we decided to buy a new washer and dryer as well. During escrow we researched and spent a lot of time at Lowe’s looking after different machines. Finally we decided on these: maytag centennial maytag At first I was in love with this washer. I had been using the same washer for ten years. So to have a brand new one was amazing. Then it happened… My brand new washer hit six months old and started acting up. At first it wouldn’t spin. Then it wouldn’t drain and then it stopped doing anything at all but making a sound. It was frustrating. You pay all this money and it don’t work! Over the course of the last two months it has been repaired six times and I have had a loaner machine. So frustrating. Then after the last time it was repaired I really thought maybe just maybe it  had been repaired. It was working and working good. THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!! This time it decided to take everything up a few more notches and all hell broke loose with it. So once again on the phone with the warranty place. This time though my husband told them he didn’t want it repaired he wanted it REPLACED!

THEY SAID NO! Maytag has some pretty messed up rules about their warranty system. So instead of replacing the lemon sitting in my laundry room they sent back out a loaner machine and scheduled it to be fixed AGAIN!!!

At this point they have replaced everything that can be replaced on my washer. But this has to happen in order for them to replace it. Even the Manager at Lowe’s told the Warranty place they needed to REPLACE IT!!!!! Not keep fixing it to have it break again in a week.


So this morning a very familiar sight showed up in front of our house… photo 3ccab64e-1e06-45de-a8bd-5fe2e060fc59_zps608df2d4.jpgThe truck from Lowes with my loaner washer…

I feel bad for the guys that keep having to come out here because they all feel the same way and keep asking the same question “WHY WON’T THEY REPLACE IT!?!”

It’s frustrating. After dealing with Maytag we probably won’t be buying from them again. Actually the loaner machine that I keep getting I’ve fallen pretty madly in love with. The manager at Lowes has already said it will be the machine they will give me in the end. Which I am fine with because it was love at first spin cycle with that thing.


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