You lost me..What Do You Mean Move from Stress to Rest???

If there is one thing that the doctors have told me over and over again it’s that the stress is what will do me in the quickest. My stress levels are high enough to make up for a small army.

So naturally I am not a fan when I sit down at church and hear a lesson about stress.

Ya not a fan. I mean come on Pastor Trey I did not wear my boots today. You didn’t need to stomp so hard on my toes.

Oh wait..I guess he did.

The lesson was titled:

Moving From Stress to Rest

Hmmm….well figuring there seems to be no med that works for me I did listen pretty carefully.

Top Stressors in Life:

Relationship Problems, Financial Problems, Health Problems.

Ya Buddy those seem to be the three big ones for everyone if they are being honest.

Really all three of them go together perfectly when you have health problems like I do. I know my health has caused much stress on our finances and my relationships with more then just my husband.

For me out of the whole lesson it was those three that screamed the loudest to me. It was those three that for me are the most relevant in my life where stress is concerned.

My stress is out of control. I don’t know how to control it anymore. It keeps getting worse and in the end it will be what kills me the fastest.

I’ve heard Pastor Trey bring several lessons and out of them all this was the one that stomped my toes the hardest.

As we were driving home G asked about what the sermon was about. When I told him he says to me “Satan didn’t want you to hear that today Mom. That’s why your alarm didn’t go off.”

Probably so son. Probably so.

 photo d990f0ba-4a5b-4364-a3cb-cd55aa5b2a8c_zps718b1443.jpg


2 thoughts on “You lost me..What Do You Mean Move from Stress to Rest???

  1. Stress to rest. Sometimes, it’s hard to slow down, even if you want to. Even if you have to. It kinda takes a lot of faith to stop and say, I’m not gonna do this anymore because God’s got a handle on it. You know?

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