When Dreams Come True

Have you ever had a dream so real just to wake up to find that you are actually right in the middle of living that dream you just had?

Well that is what happened to my family on Sunday morning.

I was having this dream where we were running late for church. In the dream we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

The biggest issue in the dream….

I couldn’t find the shirt I needed. I was running around worse then the kids and as we were running time was slipping away.

As I opened my eyes I looked over at the time to see that….


Church started at 9:00 and here it was 8:53!

Now instead of rolling over and saying “Oh well. There’s next Sunday.” I jumped up out of bed, woke up the kids and then ran back to my room to get ready. Never have I been more thankful that I usually shower at night.

At 9:01 we were running out the door while G was running behind us putting his shoes on while we went.

9:05 we pulled into the Church’s parking lot. I may of been driving a little fast.


Finally by 9:10 G and C were in their classes. A and I were in main service.

Now I wish A would go to class but for the last few months I can’t get her to go back there. With her Aspergers it gets to be to much for her. This week starts our Church’s Mega Sports Camp. Not sure how she will do with that.

But that’s a whole other post.


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